One Man's Advice on Gender Diversity? Listen to Women

The male point of view on diversity, especially gender diversity, isn't often heard.

I have had the privilege of having a strong line of women in my life, from my grandmother Maggie, who lived to 100, to my mother June, who recently passed, to my wife, Martine, with whom I am celebrating 25 years of marriage. Finally, there is my daughter, Maggie, who recently graduated from university and to whom I devote part of this video.

My definition of a progressive workplace is one that ensures we include and bring together the very best of our teams and our people, so high diversity wins, hands down. I think of diversity as encompassing gender, race, point of view, perspective and culture.

For men in the workplace wanting to understand and close the gender gap, I have this advice: What I often find is that men get together with men to talk about issues relating to women. What I would like to say to men out there is to get together with women to talk about issues relating to women.

On a personal level, the advice I give to my daughter, who I believe will take on and change the world, is clear and optimistic: Know that you're equal in opportunity, you're equal in merit, you're equal in performance, and you're equal in the ability to make a real difference.