One Man's Fight To Help You "Manage Your Damn Money"

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Ben Carter Financial Brander

A millennial himself Ben Carter is a 29 year old Author and Financial Brander (not planner we’ll get to that.) based in Washington, D.C. This astute double degreed young financial expert is on a mission to change America’s approach to financial competency. His objective, to garner enthusiasm around the idea of financial education “We’ve accepted that when we talk about money it has to be boring, uninteresting and an unwelcome chore.” Ben explains “ Our thesis is to do the exact opposite. Our content and approach is funny, irreverent and entertaining and this is what we think discussions about money should be.”

Ben Carter

Shortly after penning Fictitious Financial Fairytale: A Completely Untrue Story About Money, Friends and Moscow Mule his debut financial self help book Ben along with his partner Will Harris created the web series “Manage Their Damn Money” “ MYDM is our flagship film product and really the highest iteration of what we view as having more relatable conversations about money and personal finances. Much like any other show, we see the series as an integral part of engaging and connecting with individuals, helping them understand (through the stories of others), how they can achieve greater confidence in their personal finances and money goals.”

With Millennials facing major student loan debt, high unemployment rates post graduation and the fabrication of home ownership finances is almost certainly an overwhelming topic. However with MYDM unabashed and unapologetic approach Ben gets real about the struggle of “social media perception” and overcoming the fear of finances through understanding the beast. “Here’s the deal if you’re online and unemployed your timeline can depress you real quick, you’re watching your friends highlight reel. They’re on vacation, getting married, buying homes meanwhile it seems you’re sitting under the debt of student loans and minimal employment. First things first that’s their highlight reel you only see what they want you to see so log off and let’s start a conversation about how to make your finances work for you the idea here is not momentary or instant wealth it the building of long term wealth by understanding money.”

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