'One Man's Journey' To Work In 'Chiberia' Really Puts That Polar Vortex Into Context

This Video Really Nails What A -38 Wind Chill Feels Like

One Georgia man who documented his first experience of some bitter, Chicago-style cold on camera offers a pretty accurate depiction of just how cold it was when the polar vortex came to town earlier this week.

"It's currently -11 degrees with a -38 degree wind chill and this is my journey," Tyler Langford says at the start of his video, before launching into a teary-eyed rant that likely will resonate with those of us who regularly experience Chicago's weather and oft-delayed trains firsthand.

Langford's description of what "Chiberia" felt like?

"You're at the doctor's office and the doctor's like, 'Hey, we're going to have to amputate all your body parts,' and you're like, 'Why?' and they're like, 'No reason.'"

Pretty much.

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Chicago Hit With Snow, Extreme Cold

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