One Man's Opinion: Michele Bachmann & The Republican Debate

So Michele Bachmann wants to be President now too... why do we keep getting these crackpots running for the job? We really can't find one sane person for the gig? It's the highest office in the land, the leader of the free world!

If I put an ad in the newspaper asking for someone to watch someone mowing my lawn, I'm betting we'll find more capable people than the the ones who showed up at the Republic Debate the other night. It's as if the idea of politics has sent all the smart, sane people running.

If you want to be President in 2012, then you're nuts just for wanting to go through the process. You should not pick us, we should pick you. Think of it like trying to go to prom, where you can walk past potential candidates and then go right to the smartest, coolest, hippest dude in the room and take him. Seriously, with candidates like Bachmann and Palin, how can we ever expect to have a female president?

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