1 Million Doms Supports Samantha Bee's New Show

The conservative media watch group, One Million Moms (or 1MM), has launched a campaign against a new TBS show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, that will air in 2016. The organization, a branch of the American Family Association, is offended by the title and "the vile content and language included in the show." This is prescient, considering no one has seen Bee's show yet. The show has not been scripted yet, either. The current events that Bee will be satirizing have not even happened. But that does not stop 1MM! "TBS is pushing the envelope to the max with a suggestive title," they warn us, adding that the "sexual implications do not stop with the show's name but also continue throughout the program." Throughout the program that they have not seen.

My name is Dom, and I would like to announce the formation of a new organization, One Million Doms (or 1MD). We are launching a new campaign to support Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.

We obviously have not seen Sam Bee's new show either. We are taking our inspiration from 1MM and going all out for something we know nothing about. Here is a statement from One Million Doms' first press release:

"Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is hilarious! We could not stop laughing at every keen, clever joke! One Million Doms finds the content of the show to be as funny as the show's title. Watching Samantha Bee adding sexual implications throughout the entire program is a pleasure! TBS needs to promote this show like crazy during family hours to indoctrinate small children into the world of progressive, liberal satire! Sign our petition today to let the world know you support this unaired show!"

Full disclosure: One Million Doms is actually just me, just one Dom. But, again, I am taking my cue from One Million Moms. There are not a million of them, either. Their Twitter account has only 3,345 followers. I assume that they are using new math to round up to one million. My Twitter account boasts 667 followers (one more than the Devil's 666!) so I have rounded up to the nearest million, as well.

If there are other Doms out there who want to be a part of One Million Doms, please join me! Are there one million Doms in America? I am doubtful, but we have to start somewhere! We will accept anyone named Domenick, Dominic, Dominick, Domenic, Domonic, Domenico, Domenica, Dominique, Domingo, Domhall, Domovan, Domivere, Domantha ... you get the idea. Doms unite!

One Million Doms is also supporting another new show that has not aired yet: TV Land's Teachers. Based on the previews, 1MM found the show to be disgusting, inappropriate, irresponsible, and immoral. Cool! Based on 1MM condemnation, 1MD has one million thumbs-up for this show!

While we are at it, One Million Doms also wants to send a shout-out to Amaya Sheer, who stood up to One Million Moms after the conservative group dissed her family's participation in an American Girl magazine. Amaya's Dads are gay and this sent 1MM into a frenzy. Amaya seems like a sweet girl, so it is hard to understand how a group of moms could be so mean to her. But Amaya is also a smart girl. When asked how she would respond to the Million Moms, she said: "This is none of your business." One Million Doms loves you, Amaya!

I have a real sense of power now that I am one million strong! I enjoy being able to throw my support or outrage behind things that I know little or nothing about. However, my family is not so thrilled about it. Before opening any of my Christmas presents, I told everyone what I really thought about my gifts, and some of my comments were not very nice. For instance, I felt that my husband's gift to me this year was completely insulting and degrading. I don't know what he got me, but the wrapping is hideous so I just know that the gift inside is going to offend me. Strangely, he was angry at me when I shared my thoughts and he took the gift back! I hadn't even opened it yet! Oh, well. Some people just do not understand the struggles we one millioners must deal with on a day-to-day basis. This is the price we Doms pay for being so misunderstood.

Happy holidays!