'One Million Moms' Is Going Totally Ballistic Over This New Zales Ad

They need to take 1 million chill pills.

Protesters in Standing Rock are being brutalized, white supremacists are rallying in Washington, D.C., and we’re hurtling toward a climate disaster. But don’t worry, anti-gay group One Million Moms is tackling the real problems facing our nation. Namely, a jewelry commercial showing a nice lesbian couple getting married.

The moral panic-enthusiasts released a statement this week decrying Zales for the new ad that, in a montage of couples and families, includes two women in wedding dresses happily exchanging vows.

“Zales is using public airwaves to subject families to the decay of morals and values, and belittle the sanctity of marriage in an attempt to redefine marriage,” wrote One Million Moms, apparently unaware that the actual definition of marriage already includes same-sex unions.

Their statement instructs fellow bigots to travel to Zales stores and tell managers (who surely have absolutely nothing to do with the company’s advertorial decisions) that they won’t shop there due to the commercial.

There are, of course, some legitimate reasons to criticize Zales, like promoting the huge scam of diamond engagement rings in the first place. But their inclusive commercial isn’t one of them.

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