'Family Group' Is Fuming Over The Campbell's Soup Ad With Gay Dads

"They should not be highlighting who is attracted to whom or who sleeps with whom."

Well, that was fast.

Days after Campbell's Soup unveiled a new commercial featuring gay dads, a right-wing group notorious for getting worked up over everything from Toys 'R' Us to Chobani yogurt slammed the ad for "normalizing sin."

In a post on its website, One Million Moms members argued that Campbell's Soup is "attempting to desensitize viewers" with the clip, which is part of a larger campaign called "Made for Real, Real Life."

"Obviously, Campbell's is sending the message that homosexual men are raising children, whom they wouldn't have if a woman wasn't involved, and they are OK with it," One Million Moms wrote. Calling the commercial (which can be viewed in full below) "a marketing decision [the company] will regret," they urge readers to stop buying Campbell's products if the ad is kept on the air.

"They should not be highlighting who is attracted to whom or who sleeps with whom," they wrote. "There is concern about the way this ad is pushing the LGBT agenda, but an even greater concern is the way that they are attempting to redefine 'family' and 'real marriage.'"

One Million Moms, which is a division of the American Family Association, has been particularly busy in 2015. Last month, the group slammed ABC's "The Muppets" for "weighing in on abortion and promiscuity" and featuring "sexually charged jokes," despite the fact that even the Jim Henson original aimed to appeal to mature audiences, too.

In June, they argued that Greek yogurt giant Chobani was "attempting to normalize sin" with a recent commercial that featured a same-sex couple.

Still, it's unlikely that Campbell's Soup will take One Million Moms' words as a legitimate threat anytime soon. The group's best-known boycotts, including one of JCPenney after the retailer hired Ellen DeGeneres as its spokeswoman, have had a zero percent success rate.

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