One Million Moms Condemns Oreo Cookies For Gay Pride Support

One Million Moms Condemns Oreo Cookies, Kraft For Gay Pride Support

In what can only be described as the week's least surprising news, the conservative anti-gay group behind this spring's scrapped JCPenney boycott is now targeting Oreos for the cookie brand's controversial endorsement of Pride month.

In a post titled "Oreo -- No Longer Favorite Cookie," members of One Million Moms are condemning a now-iconic image which showed the cookie filled with rainbow-colored creme. The image, which was praised by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocates, was unveiled last weekend on Oreo's official Facebook page and quickly went viral on a number of social media platforms after its release.

"The cookie maker is quick to point out that the picture is simply an ad, and doesn't depict a true product," the group notes on its website. "But it announced to American consumers where it stands on the controversial 'gay' marriage issue nonetheless. Homosexuals are weighing in, hoping Oreo makes the fake cookie real."

"There are plenty of cookies on the market for moms to buy for their families that do not support liberal causes," the group's rant continues. "We have a choice. Kraft's brands include Oreo, Cadbury, Maxwell House, and Nabisco."

One Million Moms' assessment, unfortunately, is shared by a number of vocal consumers, as evidenced by a number of different Facebook groups which have sprung up denouncing the image. The founder of one writes, "Kraft foods and Oreo cookies have decided to toss the morals that formed our great nation right out the window and literally toss them right down our throat! Boycott Oreo cookies and hit them where it the wallet."

This latest tirade comes just weeks after One Million Moms members condemned DC Comics and Marvel Superheroes for their inclusion of gay characters. The group is perhaps best known, however, for threatening to boycott JCPenney, after the retail group hired Ellen DeGeneres, who is openly gay, as its spokeswoman.

Members of the group also blasted JCPenney in May, after the Texas-based chain included a lesbian couple as models in its Mother's Day shopping catalog, and yet again in June after a gay male couple was featured in the Father's Day edition.

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