One Mom's Harrowing Journey To Save Her Daughter's Life After A Car Crash

Despite numerous broken bones and other injuries, Hiebert was determined to save Avery.

A Canadian mom showed incredible resilience when a car accident threatened her life and that of her 4-year-old daughter.

Kristen Hiebert was driving through southwest Manitoba with her daughter Avery when her car skidded off the road and rolled down into a snowy ditch. As it was after dark, the wreckage was not visible to drivers on the road, and very few people were passing through the area.

According to CBC News, temperatures dropped below -13 degrees Fahrenheit that night. Injured and invisible in the darkness, Hiebert focused on caring for her daughter. The mom reportedly crawled over to Avery and kept her warm through the night by lying on top of her.

When the sun came up in the morning, Hiebert dragged herself out of the ditch toward the road to get help. She had two broken arms, a fractured neck, a cracked rib, a large gash on her head and frostbite on both of her legs, knees and feet.

A lab technician named Tina Dubyts spotted Hiebert's hand clinging to the guardrail as she drove by on her way to work and pulled over to help, the Toronto Star reports.

"She just kept saying 'My daughter, my daughter,'" Dubyts told the Canadian publication. The passerby called for help and walked down to the wreckage to look for the little girl. Dubyts found Avery curled up in the fetal position next to the car and carried her back up to the road.

Hiebert was airlifted to a Winnipeg hospital, where she and her daughter are still receiving treatment. The mom's sister, Mikayla Hiebert, told CBC News that Avery suffered only scrapes and frostbite on one foot. "Her mom did an amazing job," Mikayla said.

Dubyts echoed the sister's sentiments, stating, "She's the hero. I don't know how she went through all that pain. She had the will to live, that girl."

Hiebert's longtime friend Morgan Campbell started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the family during this difficult time.

"The physical and mental recovery from this accident is going to be long and filled with challenges," she wrote on the page. "As a community, fellow parents, single parents or just compassionate individuals, I believe we should step up and help Kristen and Avery in their recovery process."

Since local media outlets brought attention to the story, the amount of money donated has nearly doubled the goal of $25,000.

"Kristen’s courage was born from a mother’s love," Campbell wrote in an update on the page. "This story of survival has touched so many hearts. We will keep you updated as soon as there are any further developments."

Best wishes to Hiebert, her daughter and all their loved ones during this time.

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