One Of Louisiana's Littlest Flood Victims Gets Some Out Of The Blue Help

With trillions of gallons of rainfall, the horrific flooding in Louisiana displaced thousands. And while relief efforts continue, there have been a few moments filled with smiles. From 9-year-old Carson Boutte spending his birthday delivering lunch to flood victims to volunteers rescuing hundreds of pets to a Louisiana couple cooking meals for an entire shelter of flood victims, stories of good in the midst of tragedy are ongoing.

Most recently, Utah-based volunteer group "Out of the Blue" spent a week working with Evacuteer through Trinity Lutheran Church in Baton Rouge to help Louisiana locals clear out the wreckage from their homes and recover salvageable belongings.

Along the way, they met Elijah--one of the littlest victims of the flood. Two-year-old Elijah and his mom Lorna lost all of their belongings, including Elijah's favorite bedtime books and toys.

Elijah's flood damaged books

Elijah's flood damaged toy car

Lorna shares her story of escaping the flooding

Elijah's mother, Lorna, told the Out of the Blue volunteer team about Elijah's love for books and shared that he had been asking where they were each night at bedtime since the flood. Volunteers helped replace Elijah's beloved books and a toy car nearly identical to one that Elijah had lost in the storm.

Elijah riding his new toy car

And after learning of Elijah's love for Thomas the Tank Engine, they were able to find him a new Thomas playset as well.

Lorna and Elijah with his new toys

"Everything comes into perspective when you see the entire contents of a home piled in the street," said one of the Out of the Blue volunteers, Phil Hansen. "I would encourage people to help in any way they can. The impact of this flood is far from over."

Lorna, Elijah, and the Out of the Blue volunteer team

You don't have to travel thousands of miles to help families like Lorna and Elijah, however. From supporting local emergency relief efforts to donating food and clothing to evacuees, there are a number of ways you can help Louisiana's flood victims.