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One of the Country's Most Famous Chefs Shares All in a New Memoir

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Eric Ripert is one of the country's best known chefs, with acclaim at his restaurant Le Bernardin and shows like Avec Eric. But in 32 Yolks, his new memoir, he shares a story of a difficult childhood that might be surprising to some.

For Ripert it was important to write a book that was honest and could potentially help others. "The idea was to leave a legacy that would be inspirational and inspirational of many levels," he shared. "And my childhood is a good example for a lot of people to think about what could be the consequences of their actions."

He also hopes a lot of young people will read his story and understand that he didn't get to where he is through anything but hard work. He remarked, "You graduate from school, it can be an amazing college or an amazing culinary school, but when you go in the working environment you are not an expert. You basically have a passport to gain access to the next level." In his memoir he shares the long road of many mentors he took to get to where he is today.

Want to learn more? Watch the video above for the full interview!

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