Basketball Pro's One-On-One Game Ends With Adorable, Romantic Twist

Canadian basketball pro Alex Johnson made the move of his life Wednesday in a game of one-on-one with girlfriend Brey Dorsett.

He faked an injury, got down on a knee and proposed. She said yes. No word on if they ever finished the game.

The two reportedly met at a pro-am tournament in college. Johnson, now a member of NBL Canada's Saint John Mill Rats, played at North Carolina State, Dorsett at UNC-Greensboro.

As several outlets note, the partial title of their YouTube video, "Love and Basketball," is no accident. The 2000 movie "Love & Basketball" featured basketball stars playing a final game of one-on-one for romantically high stakes.

Johnson and Dorsett took to social media to celebrate their real-life match:

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