One-On-One With A New York Madame

Yesterday's New York Observer had a candid and confidential one-on-one interview with a high-end New York madame.

"It's like Babel," she said of New York City, in her high-pitched, Latin-tinged voice. "It's very tempting. You can buy anything you want, anywhere. Everyone is so busy, they don't have time for relationships. And no time for love. So you pick up the phone and you just want to have companionship for as long as you desire and it's there for you, for men most of the time. Unfortunately, women don't have the same options."

She ordered a grande latte. She wore a long blond wig. Her outfit was all black: black jacket with a fur collar; sleek, tight-fitting black pants; and black pumps. She wore bright pink lipstick. Her cell phone was also pink. Pink is her favorite color. She'd like me to say she's in her late 30s. The work she's had blurs the lines, but Jane's pushing 50. A few years back she did time in Rikers. She's been following the Spitzer scandal closely. Suffice it to say, she can read between the lines.

"The women who are working girls, that's why they get into the business--they don't want to get hurt anymore, not be lied to, promised love and commitment when men don't want that, they just want sex. So let's just be truthful and let's all be happy."

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