'One Pound Fish' Man Goes From Fish Monger to Viral Pop Star (Exclusive Interview)

In this exclusive live interview, Internet sensation Muhammad Shahid Nazir -- better known as the "One Pound Fish" man -- chats with What's Trending about his viral song and music video, which received almost one million views in under a 24 hours and is prompting many to ask if we've found the next "Gangnam Style."

"It's a dream for me. What can I say? I have all this fame and this popularity," Shahid says of his burgeoning, international celebrity status. "I think I'm living a dream."

Thanks to the powers of YouTube, he's breaking into America with his music and finding audiences around the globe, with a Timbaland collaboration set to be released stateside in the near future!

Explaining how the phenomenon first sparked to life, Shahid tells us that while working as a fishmonger, he was required to find a way to attract customers to his store. Like everyone else, he tried the shouting method ("Have a look at the one pound fish!"), but that just turned people away.

The very next day, he decided to make up his own song. Thus, the unavoidably catchy, "Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound fish," melody was born and ended up being completely successful in drawing positive attention to his store. Shahid says that shoppers would tell him, "You should go to 'X Factor.' You should go to 'Britain's Got Talent' and should be a pop star."

Actually, that was Shahid's dream all along.

Now, he has his very own viral music video and a booming vendor business. He tells us that customers can pick up mackerel, tilapia, snapper, and many more types of sea critters. But don't forget! "One pound each, very very good and very very cheap."

As would any proud star, Shahid gives a shout out to his viewers: "Thank you, my fans, because many more families came from America at my store."

Less than two years ago, Shahid moved from Pakistan to London, and now he's living out his fantasy. "My whole life is changed now, so I can forget everything but I can't forget the one pound fish."

Download the "One Pound Fish" song on iTunes and follow Shahid on Twitter!

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