We Love Twitter Because It Tackles The Tough Questions

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As I write this, #WednesdayWisdom rules the day followed by Trump's latest nickname, Crazy Bernie, and Instagram has decided to change it's logo to confuse everyone over the age of 19.

But amidst all of this chaos, @HashtagZoo run by @FastLaugh (which is part of the Wednesday line-up on @HashtagRoundup) decided to tackle something vastly more important... #TheChickenCrossedTheRoadBecause


It's one of those topics that parents avoid, scholars shun, and even the Bible never ventured down the path of explanation.

Yet, @FastLaugh was bold enough to bring this topic to the forefront. Enough about building walls, political attack ads, and the latest One Direction update.

It's time to find out once and for all the motives behind chickens and their obsessions with roads.

Of course we went to Twitter for possible answers...

Potential Cannibalistic Tendencies

The Chicken Felt The Bern

To Prove A Point

The Colonel Was Hot On His Tail

Sadly We May Never Know... Don't Drink and Drive and Hit Chickens

Out Of Liquor After A Long Night Of Contemplating Whether Or Not To Cross The Road

Crazy Cats

Pizza Rat May Have Been Involved

I Mean Haven't We All Done This?

Or This?

Driven By Puns

I Just Had To Include This One

I Doubt This Was The Reason As I'm Sure There Was A Starbucks On Both Sides Of The Road

My Take on it? Trump

Ok, well we may never know, but at least we took a swing at it. If you have a thought please leave it in the comments section below!

Jeff Dwoskin is a professional comedian, avid tweeter, social media guru, and co-founder of Hashtag Roundup