One Sad Tribute You Missed On 'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale

This is how you cap off the first half of a season.

The Walking Dead” knew exactly how to cap off its midseason finale.

The deaths of Glenn and Abraham on the Season 7 premiere were some of the hardest moments the show has featured in a while, particularly in the case of Glenn. That guy has been around since Season 1, and he was about to become a father. Plus, he used to deliver pizzas before the apocalypse. How is everyone going to get pizzas now? This is just sad.

Now, with a midseason finale full of blood and guts (mostly Spencer’s guts), the show gave us one final bit of closure.

Maggie was wearing Glenn’s cap.

During the first couple seasons of the show, Glenn was constantly wearing a baseball cap, and though it’s not an exact match, fans got the reference right away.

Fans also pointed out how Maggie’s short hair “helps create the image” of Glenn from Season 1. And they noticed that the fingerless gloves were a tribute to Abraham.

Daryl even seemed to get in on the Glenn tributes. While escaping, he put on an outfit similar to one Glenn wore before:

In the episodes following the season premiere deaths, we learned about the Kingdom, saw Daryl as a captive of the Saviors and found out what Tara was up to. We did have the episode where Maggie and Sasha bonded over the loss of their boos (Glenn and Abe), but it still didn’t seem like enough.

Now, it looks like the show has finally given us closure.

Hats off to you, Glenn.



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