This Is What The Year Your Life Changes Looks Like

This Is What The Year Your Life Changes Looks Like

For the second time, photographer Kent Frost has made a video of an entire year, told through one-second clips. He created one to document 2012, and received acclaim for it.

This year's film has one notable difference though. In 2013, Frost and his wife Carolyn became first-time parents.

As he says on YouTube:

A LOT happened this year. We shot several weddings, baby portraits, and family video portraits. We had 60º weather in February, ice in May, and record flooding in August. We had two major comets. A massive meteor exploded over Russia. The Boston Marathon was bombed. The US Government shut down for 16 days. The pope resigned. China soft-landed the first spacecraft on the moon since 1976. And we lost great people like James Gandolfini, Lou Reed, and Nelson Mandela among many others.

And in the middle of all that chaos...we had a baby anyway.

On November 14, 2013, Cameron Frost made his way into the world. The seconds that represent the days following his birth make one thing clear -- a new baby takes center-stage in your life in a beautiful way.

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