One Simple Choice That Unlocks Life's Limitless Potential

In his poem, "Give All To Love," the great Ralph Waldo Emerson declares, "'Tis a great master;/Let it have scope:/ Follow it utterly,/ Hope beyond hope!" While these verses are meant to illuminate our highest potential, fear and doubt can snuff out this message in a split second.

More than once in your life you will stand at a crossroads and face the choice of risking the unknown or remaining safely in place. As challenges arise in your life, you may tend to shut down, believing that you are protecting yourself from possible disappointment and heartache. Your conditioning around self-preservation may be so ingrained that when opportunities are presented, your barriers go up automatically, keeping your boundless potential locked in the shadows.

What if you allowed yourself to fully experience sorrow, rejection, and every other emotion? What if those challenges were actually the key to your growth and expansion? What if you opened the gates and allowed everything, including the light, love, and abundance that is already inside you, to come flooding into your heart?

If you take the risk and let your journey play out, you'll find life unfolding exactly as it is meant to. By giving all to love and letting your true expression -- your authentic soul signature -- shine forth without hesitation, everything you've been searching for will come searching for you.

Be courageous, embrace your most radiant self, and leap into the fullness of life. Make way for the magnificence that awaits because in Emerson's words, "When the half gods go, the gods arrive."