One Stretch to Wake Up Your Body

One Stretch to Wake Up Your Body
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It feels amazing first thing in the morning--trust.
By Amy Schlinger, SELF

Photo of Jenn by Jay Sullivan

Bring your body to life first thing in the A.M. and give your muscles a natural caffeine-like boost with this feel-good stretch from Jenn Seracuse, Director of Pilates at Flex Studios in New York City.

Consider this your chance to ease into your day and the long Memorial Day weekend (the beach is calling your name!).

Your Stretch: Thread the Needle

This is a good way to release the upper and mid back which tends to get very tight, especially if you spend the majority of your day in front of a computer explains Seracuse. (Guilty!)

Do It: Come to all fours on the floor. Reach your left arm straight up toward the ceiling and rotate your chest slightly in that direction. Prevent sinking into the right side of your body by keeping your right shoulder stacked over wrist and right hip over knee. Hold for 3-5 breaths. Now take your left arm, bring it down and reach it under and through your right armpit as if you're "threading the needle" (as shown). Bring your left shoulder and ear to graze the floor. Hold for three to five breaths. Repeat on opposite side.

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