One Thing All Parents Should Know

Common Core Academic Standards, clear standards that outline what kids need to know in each grade to be prepared for college and career training, are a terrific step forward for students and teachers across the United States. They're common sense, and they're a big deal.

But there's a problem. Right now, most Americans are still in the dark about what the Common Core Standards are. Only 38 percent of Americans have even heard of them.

That's why we've made a very short video (in English and in Spanish) that explains the facts about Common Core. How does the Common Core affect me and my children? How does it get us closer to our shared goal of all kids graduating from high school prepared, really prepared, for success?

Public ignorance about the standards might not seem like a big deal, but it is. This knowledge vacuum has allowed Glenn Beck and others like him to embark on a preposterous smear campaign against the standards and against the notion of increasing rigor in our schools.

Watch the video and pass it on to your friends. Let's all take responsibility for educating our friends and family about the Common Core Standards. All Americans need to know about this critical improvement that will put more of our students on the road to success.