The One Thing You Must Do to Stop Enabling a Drug Abuser

In the video above, Dr. Phil shares his message for a mom, Constance, whose 29-year-old daughter, Candice, admits to using drugs on a regular basis. But it's really a wake-up call for anyone who could be enabling a drug abuser. 

"Let's be honest with each other because I really want to make a change in her life: You're giving her money, and you know damn well she's going to spend it on drugs," Dr. Phil tells Constance, referring to Candice, who is unemployed and lives with her mother. 

Dr. Phil continues, "Here's a very simple solution: You don't give a drug addict cash. I don't care if they say, 'My hair is on fire, I need an extinguisher.' You don't give a drug addict cash."