One Time FLOTUS Told Men To 'Be Better' And Now It’s A Ringtone

🎶Just be better 🎶
Mic drop, FLOTUS.
Mic drop, FLOTUS.
Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

At the United State of Women Summit last week, Oprah Winfrey asked Michelle Obama how men can help in the fight for gender equality. FLOTUS' answer was short and sweet:

“Be better,” she said. “Be better at everything."

The First Lady’s words were so magical that one genius person created a ringtone called “Be Better: The Ringtone” (featuring Oprah, of course). Zee Griffler, a New York City-based filmmaker, told The Cut that her friend jokingly said she’d love FLOTUS’ “be better” remarks as a ringtone and ― voilà! ― Griffler made it happen.

Head here to listen to the ringtone.

Some truly amazing album artwork from Griffler.
Some truly amazing album artwork from Griffler.

“Being a multimedia person who went to art school, I thought this is exactly the sort of thing that a best friend casually makes near midnight on a weekday,” Griffler told The Cut.

You can download the full ringtone on Griffler’s website.

The filmmaker put it perfectly when she said: “Isn’t it great that when you get a phone call you can have Michelle Obama tell anyone in a decent proximity to your phone that men can be better?”

Yes, yes, and more yes.

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