One Truth About Women That Every Woman Needs to Know

Calling themselves the Shooting Blue Stars this college-smart, 20-something group of women get together once a week at a local pub to sit together around a small table and conspire.

Tech savvy, these young women are conspiring to solve some of the world's biggest challenges; some of the biggest challenges, that is, in their world.

They're attracted to words like courage, confidence, and adventure. Each week they ask each other: "What is the biggest challenge you faced this week that you'd like to overcome?" Then they dare that person to overcome it, on the spot.

In the midst of so much fun, the one KEY word that seems to be missing, overlooked altogether, in fact, is the word leadership.

Do the words leadership and women go together?

What would happen if women looked at leadership as a natural born skill that they already have? What if leadership training for women was a career choice that came with curriculum to take them, for example, from the classroom to Congress?

As a science journalist and as an expert on the new science of a woman's brain, I have done research on 40 years worth of meticulous scholarship across a dozen fields of science. My work documents the fact that in the 21st century, the best brain to tackle the complexities of our volatile, interconnected world is the female brain, not the male brain!

In my travels, as I talk to women, I tell them how much power they have, and that it is proven and documented by many fields of science.

I often ask women this question: "If you could lead anything, from the school house to the White House, what would it be, and why?

What most women, even the "best and brightest" don't realize is that a woman's brain is hardwired by evolutionary biology with exactly the traits needed for leadership today.
With this in mind, should woman be encouraged, coached and even mentored to choose leadership as a career?

A leader is a decision-maker. A leader is the one who helps set policy, and solve problems, not jut for one time, or one situation, but for all time and all circumstances.

Think of some of the world's biggest challenges, especially those that relate to women and women's issues such as childcare, education, healthcare, and poverty.

Think what would happen if more women, as leaders, joined men in equal numbers at the decision-making table to establish policies that had a wide-spread impact, to the benefit of all?

What would happen if small groups of smart, savvy women gathered together at the kitchen table, at coffeehouses and local pubs to focus on something truly revolutionary?

Could women nominating each other for public office be the best way to test a woman's confidence and courage? Especially when her friends tell her one more thing:

"If you run for public office, we'll be there to help you!"

Could the fastest way to change the world be to mobilize the women of the world? Backed by science, the answer is "Yes!"

Alexia Parks is a science journalist, impact entrepreneur and expert on the new science of the woman's brain. She the author of 13 books including 10 TRAITS of Women of Power and Courage which hit #1 on Kindle.