One Tweet Ends The Argument That Women ‘Ask For It’

Maybe men shouldn’t be allowed to have smartphones?

Being a woman on the internet and social media isn’t always easy. Sexual harassment, slut-shaming, body-shaming and regular trolling have all become part of a woman’s experience online.

But one hilarious, now-viral tweet has shed a light on how ridiculous it is to think that women “ask for it” when it comes to online harassment or sexual advances.


On August 19, Twitter user @catttttt___ uploaded two screenshots from her Snapchat account. One was a photo showing off her new headphones (she wasn’t even in the photo!) and the other was a screenshot of a man’s response: “You wearing those, and nothing else, that would be heaven.”

Cat’s caption to the photos perfectly nailed how ridiculous it is for people to blame women for sexual harassment when even a photo of headphones inspires unwanted advances.

“Boys wouldn’t send weird messages if you didn’t put up such slutty photos,” she sarcastically wrote. (With more than 32,000 retweets and 58,000 favorites, it’s pretty clear that most women agree with her.)

Bottom line: if you think that a photo of a woman’s headphones entitles you to make sexual advances toward that woman, you’re the problem.

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