One Visit to Edwina von Gal's and You Understand the Meaning of Green

One Visit to Edwina von Gal's and You Understand the Meaning of Green
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One can barely imagine that after driving through the heat and traffic that you could come upon a place as glorious as Edwina von Gal's home aka The PRFCT place. What the hell does that mean a PRFCT place? Thank God Edwina was there to shed some light on this GREEN topic! I consider myself pretty smart ( although I did walk into a puppy store to buy my gals and THAT changed my life fur-ever...#adoptdontshop now tattooed on my body) but I needed to be told about her mission and why it's so important!


Let's go back to last year when we were happily fertilizing and chemically weed killing our lawn, making it green for the world to see but HOLD dogs were all running around in it. It NEVER occurred to me that that shit was getting on their paws, that it causes cancers, then they were licking their paws and I think I should STOP right THERE!


Enter my friend Edwina! She took me out to a beautiful lunch in the city and started to explain about the wonders of nature and how things can be more beautiful WITHOUT pesticides! THAT MAKES THE PLACE PRFCT! So I am here to share the TOXIN-FREE advice and point you to her info at


JOIN us in promoting toxin free yards, and dog runs and spreading the good green word.

All photos by Mrs. Sizzle

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