One Way Children's Book Creators Cope With Bad Online Reviews

"A bad review can equal a good laugh."

Thinking about this last fall, author Marc Nobleman came up with the idea of "... a variation on a poetry slam at which kidlit/YA authors read aloud their most critical or absurd user reviews (from Amazon or Good Reads) for comic relief/catharsis." Further inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's recurring segment of celebrities reading not-so-nice tweets about themselves, Nobleman put out a call for short videos of children's book creators reading some similarly not-so-nice online reviews. The response was so massive that, not wanting any one video to be too long, he made three. The names of all 53 contributors are on Nobelman's website here and the three videos are below. (A warning --- Nobleman notes: "We lurve kids, of course, but this is for teens and adults only.")

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