One Way to Change the World

You want to make a difference in the world as much as I do, right. But in a world filled with so much negativity, how do you do it?

This is how I think of it. 

When you take full responsibility, for everything you bring to this moment. Then you can choose kindness, love, whatever.
If you choose anger, well then, you can apologize and then start again. 

Liken everything you put into the world as though you were tossing a stone into a pond. One action, results in one splash that sends ripples across the pond.

Now think of each person as a pond. Some are full of weeds and mud, so the ripple may not travel as far.

Then there are those that are open, receptive, clear of debris. They will be greatly impacted by the kindness you show them. So much that they will spread that kindness. 

I think of people that impacted me going back 35 years. I still talk about them because the ripple they caused in me remains.

This is how you create a difference in the life of one person. In a way that can impact lives for decades to come. 

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