One Wisconsin Now Encourages Voters To 'Turn Off The Hate. Get Out The Vote' (VIDEO)

Progressive group One Wisconsin Now is out with a new web ad encouraging people to counteract the voting enthusiasm coming from Tea Party groups, conservative TV and radio show devotees, Sarah Palin fans, "not-witches," homophobes, birthers, bad spellers, and Republicans by heading to the polls.

Though early voting numbers in some states have appeared promising for Democrats, the latest polling numbers still show them suffering from a massive enthusiasm deficit, especially among the party's youth.

A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll showed Democrats trailing Republicans by 20 points or more in questions about their enthusiasm for casting a ballot in this year's election.

As part of their attempt to get out the vote, One Wisconsin Now is combating what they claim to be a massive voter suppression and caging scandal in Wisconsin, allegedly being coordinated by the state's Republican apparatus and other third-party groups.