A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

Make an important contribution this holiday with a purchase that makes a difference in the lives of children. When kicking around gift ideas for any kid (or adult!) consider one that contributes to activity, healthy competition, fun, learning, adds to the joy of play, and especially helps those in need.

You may have noticed the enthusiastic crowds that cheered soccer/futbol during the Olympics. This is one of the most popular activities for kids and teens of all ages around the world.

One World Futbol Project manufactures and distributes the One World Futbol -- the world's first virtually-indestructible soccer ball that never needs a pump and never goes flat, even when punctured.

You can join a special holiday gift giving campaign (in cooperation with Save the Children) and purchase a One World Futbol. For every "Buy One, Give One" ball purchased, One World Futbol Project will donate a ball to Save the Children. This new campaign supports the domestic and international programs of Save the Children that use sport and play to benefit children who are most in need. The One World Futbol -- size 4, which is ideal for youth soccer and debuted mid-November 2012 -- is an ideal gift for all the kids on your holiday gift list. The One World Futbol also comes in an adult size 5 and makes for a great gift for tweens, teens and adults.

For more information about the gift visit www.oneworldfutubol.com

Through the simple power of a durable ball, One World Futbol Project solves a fundamental problem of standard inflated balls: when used in harsh environments, an inflated ball soon goes flat and becomes useless. The One World Futbol stands up to such conditions and plays on any surface, even when punctured.

One World Futbol Project sells the ball online through a "Buy One, Give One" model. For every ball you purchase at retail (U.S. $39.50), the One World Futbol Project donates a second ball to organizations that work with children who live in harsh environments, including refugee camps, conflict zones, poor villages and inner cities.

Launched in July 2010, the One World Futbol Project is headquartered in Berkeley California and developed the world's first virtually-indestructible soccer ball. As part of my work as Dr Toy when I learned about the goals I reviewed and supported the innovative ball and project that is good for kids in the USA and around the world.

OWFP partnered with Chevrolet in May 2012, and through this partnership will distribute 1.5 MILLION balls over the next three years.

To date, the One World Futbol has reached 143 countries through partner organizations, keeping the spirit of play alive for hundreds of thousands of children and young people.

One World Futbol Project has helped schools, orphanages, and nonprofits use sport to resolve conflicts, teach tolerance, and build communities.

In 2006, while watching CNN, Tim Jahnigen, inventor and co-founder of the One World Futbol Project, saw footage of young Darfur refugees engrossed in a game of "soccer" under the hot sun. The "ball" was a sphere made of trash tied up with twine, and the "field" was a patch of dirt and rocks with barbed wire for boundaries. At that moment, Jahnigen was inspired to design a durable soccer ball that could be used anywhere without becoming worn, waterlogged, or deflated due to a lack of pump and needle.

The design was merely a concept until Jahnigen shared his idea with world-renowned entertainer Sting, who became an instant supporter and helped fund the ball's R&D. In recognition of Sting's early support, the ball and company are named after Sting's song, "One World (Not Three)." When Tim went to Sting with his idea for a football [soccer ball] that could be played on any surface, would never need a pump, and never go flat, Sting immediately thought of all the millions of children and young people who could use the ball in refugee camps, conflict zones, and poor communities. He was proud to play a part in starting One World Futbol Project.

Through the One World Futbol, you as an individual or company have the power to positively impact lives for years to come. Give a child a ball, and they instinctively know how to play with it.

Dr Toy reminds everyone that play is critical to the growth and development of youth everywhere -- especially in disadvantaged communities. This ball is a great gift for any child anytime.

For more information about the One World Futbol Project.