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100 and Counting

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It hasn't been 100 days, or 100 years, or even 100 victories.

But each one has been a victory even though it's not tied to seasons, or sobriety, or jail time. It's not historical or record-breaking, but each is painstakingly researched, often prescient, generally significant, and usually relevant.

What, then, is it?

It's more than 80,000 provocative and carefully chosen words.

It's 100 of my blog posts accepted and published by The Huffington Post over the past three-plus years, beginning with, "A Small Business Dilemma: Survival," in August of 2010. Most have been about politics or the economy, but a few have addressed the media, and sports.

What's next?

The possibilities are endless, with the unparalleled insanity in politics, the absurdity of the media, greed in the financial world, undeterred gun violence, the fragile world economy, and growing wealth disparity.

Hopefully, I'll be able to create 80,000 more words trying to bring clarity and integrity to a nation and world mired in hypocrisy and afflicted with declining morality and intelligence. A nation and world in need of rebalancing, in need of honest and strong leadership, in need of compassion and understanding -- someone or someones who understand the pain and suffering the people and our planet are feeling, who will take up the challenge and fight the battles they are unable to fight for themselves.

I've written 100 posts pointing out the corruption, arrogance, failures, and intransigence of Congress. Challenged corporations, administrations, the media, politicians, and financial institutions. I've written about our social net, war, healthcare, elections, taxes, voter suppression, guns, conventions, Supreme Court decisions, and the Tea Party.

There have been critiques of presidents, members of Congress, candidates, the wealthy, big banks, and corporate executives.

I've been harshest on Republicans but they can be a very ripe target: inept, arrogant, ignorant, bigoted, dangerous to democracy, and even certifiable.

Over the last 14 or more years, an uninformed electorate has elected members to Congress that are serially incapable of being there -- returning the same incompetent individuals to Washington election after election.

The Huffington Post has afforded me an opportunity to write, but the words that flow from my judicious, analytical, and sometimes acrid pen -- formulated from events, actions, crises, and situations that present themselves everyday -- are my own.

Motivated to write because of the failure of members of the 4th Estate the edgy, sometimes caustic tonality and righteous indignation that is evident throughout my 100 posts, is spawned from the ugliness around me, pervasive throughout the world, a world tainted by those that could make a difference but refuse to.

It is increasingly necessary to counter the dogma from the right-leaning, monetarily driven media like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, The Weekly Standard, The Daily Caller, and others, each of whom abandon the canon of ethics for Murdoch or Koch brothers dollars. To overcome the dissemination of misinformation from organizations like Americans for Prosperity, Crossroads GPS, the Heritage Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce, ALEC, the NRA, Christian Coalition; organizations that manipulate and convince Americans to vote against their own self-interest.

Some have disagreed with me on various subjects and various positions, but few have challenged my facts or my premises.

So, why do I write?

As long as there are people and organizations who wrongly attack the poor; who wield their power without compassion; who deny seniors a life of dignity; or deny children food to fuel their potential; who strip students of the opportunity to a quality education, or good, hard-working Americans quality health care, who prey on the weakest in our society, I will write to defend their honor and expose those that do not deserve the power to make choices, nor the freedoms of democracy.

I genuinely hope more of the next 100 articles will be of healing and recovery, of good health and well-being, of opportunity and changed lives, of symbiosis and cooperation -- for the better.

But, as long as there are people who lie, cheat, or sacrifice their integrity to attain power, money, or political clout at the expense of those that are most vulnerable, I will write.

As long as an organization like The Huffington Post or another news agency allows me to write about the injustices of this world and gives me the opportunity to rebalance it with my voice and pen, I will continue to do so.

One hundred and counting and I'm not done yet -- I'm just beginning!