Oneness Begets Happiness

2017 is a marvelous year to become aware of the Oneness that exists in this incredible cosmos. Oneness is remembering that everything is connected. There is no division at the quantum level. There is only the Harmony of Oneness.

Add the four digits - 2017 - together, and what do you get? You get TEN. Right? And what happens if you add those two digits together (1+0)? You get ONE. Right?

It seems then that 2017 is mathematically the perfect year to awaken to Oneness, to mingle minds and look for commonality amongst all members of humanity so that we may experience the perfect harmony that comes with the Oneness from whence we began.

What is it to awaken to the harmonious experience of ONENESS? It’s to experience a plentitude of synchronicity, a deeply felt sense of love for all mankind, and experience a wonderful feeling of connection with everyone you meet. And with that, you experience flow wherever you go.

Let’s face it:

ONENESS is saneness.

Separation is madness.

Saneness brings gladness.

Madness brings badness.

And badness brings sadness.

Saneness can understand madness for the badness it brings upon us, but madness can never understand the gladness of saneness. That’s because madness insists that it is sane by angrily insisting that its opinions of division and feelings of antagonism are valid and true.

When humanity loses even a little of its saneness it opens to incredible waves of madness that can begets actions of badness. Whenever we act badly, we create a shocking world of unreality that brings great pain and sadness. Is that not insanity?

Nothing, absolutely nothing can support humanity with those wonderful dreams of union and peace like the truth can. When we work together collectively toward happiness and harmony, the beautiful truth of joyful living is apparent in our reality.

What does it mean to understand that 2017 is mathematically a year of ONE? There is a feeling of harmonious togetherness awaiting your remembrance. Harmony is not created, but rather it is a spontaneous state of awakening that comes quickly when we discover that we are a perfect part of the Perfection of Oneness.

Do you know what is inescapable when you live in harmony? Happiness! Harmony and happiness blossom perfectly together. When we value a harmonious existence together, above the insanity of dissonance, we live happily and peacefully together.

Nothing lifts humanity to new heights of achievement like harmonious living. That’s because it sets the tone for our natural rhythm. Might I offer a couple of simple tips to help tune you into your natural rhythm as you journey into 2017?

Tip # 1: Make it your New Year’s Resolution to take command of yourself (not the world, but yourself). You do this by trusting that happiness and harmony are your inherent rights and they are right at hand. Remain relaxed and receptive to golden inspirations that will guide you to the rich rhythm of living that you aspire to enjoy. Hear ye: such inspirations can only come when you open your mind so those inspirations can flow to you. Furthermore, those inspirations are only valuable when you act on them immediately. Inspired motion causes movements that are good and beautiful for everyone.

Tip # 2: Don’t fight to end badness. That adds energy to the madness, which only begets more sadness. What you resist will persist. Rather than resist, live above it. See things as they can rightly be. Trust in yourself to manifest what’s best. Life will take care of the rest.

It is no more necessary to think about happiness or harmony than it is to think about breathing. They come most naturally if you allow it.

This is the year.

This is your year.

2017 is here.

Live from your inner sense of ONENESS.

Allow miracles of harmonious plenitude to unfold for you.

The fog is lifting.

Insights for a harmonious life await you.

The kingdom of joyful living is within view.

One final tip: When you jump out of bed in the AM, make it a part of your morning ritual to take a moment and see yourself with a mind that is in perfect rhythm with the world. It only takes a moment. Think about something that’s beautiful. Within a few days you will find your fears and pains beginning to dissolve. And soon thereafter, you will come to realize that there is no problem that you cannot solve.

Your highest resolutions come true when you are true to what’s true about you. You are a rich and majestic child of Infinite Intelligence. Dare to embrace that fact. There is nothing missing in you. However, without you something is missing in this world of Oneness. Trust that! Now act to prove it. Don’t just sit. Share your blessings with the world. You will be delighted with what you get.

Right inside of you is a wellspring of purity.

You are naturally vibrating in harmony with all of it.

Keep looking.

Keep looking.

It’s right there.

You will see!

Blessings and Love and a glorious 2017 to all of you, Rob White

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Photo by Uditha Wickramanayaka CC by 2.0

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