Oneness - The Real Magic Behind Intimacy

Oneness: We all hope to have a marriage that reflects deep unity, merging of heart and soul, togetherness that shoulders the burdens of life, crushes the fear of being alone and uncared for.
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Oneness: We all hope to have a marriage that reflects deep unity, merging of heart and soul, togetherness that shoulders the burdens of life, crushes the fear of being alone and uncared for.

Oneness: Captivates and inspires two lovers in the totality of life -- in and out of the bedroom. Means you stay in step with your lover, attuned to his or her needs and wants where you move forward in life, each day, with a way of loving that says "I'm near with my heart, spirit and body" for you and you alone.

Oneness: Sets the stage for the best intercourse, bodies embracing in a sea of desire, like, pulsating waves of passion that ebb and flow in rhythm with your spirit and body. Finalized in Orgasm -- the final peak of unity, of two hearts bonded in excitement, your hearts, becoming one, for an inspiring moment where time stands still.

Oneness: An unusual suspect in all the ingredients that make up arousal and peak, sexual passion. So important in uniting your mind and spirit outside the bedroom, you don't often think of "becoming one" as a necessary part of excitement in love making. Yes, excitement! Your excitement, your desire, your passion -- created out of a bond so tight, that two souls merge in a beloved unity.

Oneness: Breeds safety and trust and depth in how you love one another. The act of surrender and closeness truly creates this kind of sexual energy. Really does! An often overlooked ingredient of passionate, on the edge-of-your-seat electricity between you and your lover.

And it gets even better. The experience of oneness can be deliberately enhanced, moving you closer to the erotic side of your sexual experience. Yes, oneness can actually grow your experience of arousal, of becoming excited with passion and deep sexual "wanting" of one another. Sex between two married lovers, you and your soul-mate, can be explosive and powerful.

Let's look at five different elements of "oneness," "eroticism enhancers," that form crucial building blocks of an exciting, sexy life together. Passion at it best. These will give you a better understanding of what we mean by the experience of oneness.

1.Gaze. Both in and out of the bedroom, you have the unique opportunity to gaze into each other's eyes. During the act of sex, this can become an especially intimate experience. Sometimes intimidating. Choosing to look into each other's eyes intermittently during sexual contact can add to your experience of oneness and enhance the closeness you feel for your spouse.
2.Breathing Together. As sexual excitement builds during sex, you can enhance the experience by noticing your breathing together as passion grows. We all breathe in and breathe out. But when this breathing is deliberately focused on during growing passion, watching your lover be swept away by your presence, touch and care, the result can be explosive.
3.Kiss. One of the most intimate acts in and out of the bedroom involves kissing. Learning to kiss "passionately" can enhance and grow your energy with one another. When you enjoy kissing passionately outside of the bedroom as well, it is a good barometer that intimacy is really alive.
4.Holding or Touching Without Thought. The pleasure that comes from touch cannot be overstated. We encourage you to practice holding and touching without thought or intent, without thinking about what will happen later. This can be a wonderful experience when you focus only on the immediate sensations and experiences that come from physical contact.
5.Excitement. Learning how to bring passion and energy into the bedroom ultimately brings aliveness into all areas of your marriage. A focus on sexual pleasure, therefore, can be helpful and even instrumental in reminding you of the need for excitement in all areas of your life.

How do you, individually, bring passion into life itself, into your key relationships, into your marriage? Life is meant to be filled with energy, meaning and momentum. And your physical connection with your life partner is no exception.

Sexual passion and enjoyment come, in part, from an enduring commitment to weave erotic energy into the tapestry of your sex life. Often overlooked, the deep and abiding connection of two souls merging together as one, moves you into a richer, more creative experience of sexual enjoyment. Oneness and passion go hand in hand, anchored in a rich mutuality you create together.

Creates explosive, vibrant love.

Whether naked or not.

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