Tell Us The Story Behind Your #OneNightStand

Details, please.

Here's a one night stand you can be proud of.

We're talking about the #onenightstand that resides in the most important room in your home -- your bedroom. It's the only room dedicated to relaxing and recharging by getting one of life's most important things: a good night's sleep.

As part of HuffPost Editor in Chief Arianna Huffington's new book, The Sleep Revolution, which examines the importance of sleep and the ways we can use sleep to calm our hectic lifestyles, we're asking readers to share their own "one nightstands," using the hashtag "OneNightStand," to show the world how they use this space to evoke a sense of tranquility and beauty in the bedroom.

A crucial part of your bedroom set-up, your nightstand can include a sleep talisman -- objects that relax and tell your mind and body to slow down, as Huffington writes in her book.

"Some of these I have used, others friends have told me about: an old-fashioned music box ... a weighted eye pillow lightly scented with lavender; a special little pillow with an image or a saying that resonates with you; a cozy robe or fluffy slippers," Huffington writes.

Or it can be an image that brings you feelings of peace and calm. "A picture of my daughters," Huffington said about her own #onenightstand in the Instagram post above. Her nightstand also includes "a scented candle, my analog alarm clock, real books and my dream journal, and fresh flowers."

What do you keep on yours? Show off your nightstand or favorite sleep products using the hashtag #onenightstand to be featured on The Huffington Post. If you need any inspiration, check out the beautiful set-ups in the photos below.

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