'Onion News Empire' Trailer: Amazon Instant Video Pilot Stars Jeffrey Tambor (VIDEO)

'A Comedy With A Concussion'

Having long dominated the field of satirical news, The Onion has created the Onion News Network, produced a movie (that no one should ever see) and created TV shows for IFC and Comedy Central. Now, The Onion is expanding its empire into just that: "Onion News Empire," a new comedy pilot produced by Amazon.com.

The pilot, now available to watch on Amazon, goes behind-the-scenes of "America's Finest Newsroom" with lead anchor David Bryan (played by the great Jeffrey Tambor) and features the same style of satirical segments for which the Onion News Network has become known. "Onion News Empire" co-creators and ONN writers Dan Mirk and Will Graham described the series not as a parody, but as a comedy, "that got a concussion and thinks it's a drama." It's also worth noting that the pilot was written before "The Newsroom" premiered on HBO.

As with the rest of the pilots that Amazon Instant Video recently ordered, viewer response to the first episode will determine if the series gets picked up. Watch the trailer above and hear more about the series from Mirk and Graham in the HuffPost Live interview below:

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