'Onion News Network' Canceled: IFC Spokesperson

IFC Cancels 'ONN'

NEW YORK -- At Tuesday's upfront announcing new programming for the cable channel IFC, one show that previously was a staple, "Onion News Network," went unmentioned. On Wednesday, a spokesperson for IFC confirmed to The Huffington Post that "ONN" would not return for a third season.

"Onion News Network," the first foray into television from the venerable satirical newspaper The Onion, began life in 2007 as a series of web-only shorts on theonion.com. It was expanded to a half-hour TV program in January 2011, along with "Portlandia," as part of IFC's inaugural crop of original programming when the cable channel switched to a commercial model.

The second season of "ONN" was announced in March 2011, and debuted in October 2011.

The show's cancellation comes at the same time that The Onion's editorial staff is in transition to move from New York City, where production of "ONN" also took place, to Chicago, where the business side of The Onion Inc. is located. The editorial staff has even put its New York office's furniture on Craigslist to sell.

In its two seasons, production of "ONN" was not always without contention. Last July, the writers for "ONN" nearly went on strike when The Onion Inc. would not allow them to join the Writers Guild of America and receive benefits available to other television writers. Ultimately, the company relented and allowed them to join.

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