Onion News Network: Every 2040 Presidential Candidate Already Unelectable Due To Facebook (VIDEO)

2040 Presidential Election Already Ruined By Facebook

It's hard to imagine what the 2040 presidential election will really be like, but if it's anything like the 2012 election, everything the candidates have ever said, done or eaten can and will hurt their chances of getting elected.

That's probably why The Onion News Network got the hilarious idea to report that every single potential candidate for the 2040 Presidential election has already been deemed unelectable -- just by looking at their Facebook pages.

Sexy Halloween pics, passed-out party photos and even spelling "You're" as "Your" have eliminated all the possible candidates, even the nation's brightest stars. It's a shame, really. This just means that when the time comes, we'll have to elect some reanimated corpse of a former President instead. Zombie Clinton? Anybody? Bueller?

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