Onion Rings Recipes (PHOTOS)

Whether you like them beer-battered, cornmeal crusted or baked.

We're the first to admit that we can be junk food extremist at times. We know we've been bombarding you lately with 18 kinds of nachos, 12 ways you can load up potato skins, and every type of cookie or bar you can imagine. We apologize to your waistlines (and ours). But it's football season, we just can't help ourselves. Onion ring recipes are a must during this season.

When it comes to onion rings recipes, there are many ways you can fry them (or bake them) -- beer battered, cornmeal crusted or even spicy. We've got a recipe for all of your preferences. So get out the deep-fryer, and let's make some onion rings.

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Onion Rings