IT STINKS! Onion Truck Ironically Catches Fire Near Frying Pan Road

Smells like time to call your insurance agent.

Folks in Bushland, Texas, may have been a little teary-eyed on Tuesday because of a very stinky situation.

It seems a truck carrying a load of onions caught fire on I-40 when a tire blew out and sent sparks flying into the semi, reports.

The onions in the truck caught on fire and the blaze spilled out on to the highway.

No injuries were reported, but the eastbound lanes of I-40 between Frying Pan Road and Atkinson were closed Tuesday so crews could clean up the rings and things, according to

This is the second onion truck accident in the past 10 days.

On Sept. 25, two people in Greenleaf, Idaho, were hospitalized after a semi collided with a truck hauling onions on State Highway 19, causing the veggies to spill onto the freeway, according to


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