Online Bullying Is Not Okay

I am a victim of online bullying.

I wrote an article about living with my boyfriend and his parents and got severely bashed for it. There were dozens of comments--close to 1400--stating I was immature, childish and downright unappreciative. They even went so far as to tell me to break-up with my boyfriend. They were cruel, mean and nasty. Some of them threatened to tell my job and get me fired.

After a while, it was no longer about the article, it was personal. They called me ugly and told me I had a huge nose. They left comments on my Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and blog stating how disgusting I was. My boyfriend told me to delete everything because it was getting so out of control. I was pissed, upset and angry that people would do this. I cried for a few days straight. Maybe "that" was childish and immature, but it really hurt. I never did anything, but write a stupid article.

And, after it was published, I wanted to submit a follow-up one stating what I had learned, but the website refused to accept it. They just wanted some poor old innocent girl to write an article so they could get better ratings. I asked them to take it down, but they told me it was against their policy, so I was stuck with it.

People write blog posts about my article and bashed me. I couldn't help but read all the negative comments swirling around the internet about me. My boyfriend kept telling me to stop reading through the comments because it was doing nothing but bringing me down. Here's the truth: I fabricated most of that article. It was fake and I just wanted to add more drama to it. Some people told me it was a great article, but most repeated the same thing over and over again.

I finally gave in and deleted everything. Then, a few weeks later, I promised myself I wouldn't go down the same path and I'd not talk about my personal life. I would no longer divulge any deep dark secrets about myself on the internet. But, even still, why get harassed, trolled and bashed for just stating how you feel? Why do people have to be so damn cruel? Why do people find it funny and exciting to put down others? Does it make them feel better about themselves? Do they feel good knowing they knocked someone down?

In order to continue being a blogger and writer, I must develop thicker skin. If I give up on my dream of being a writer because of this, I'm letting them win. And, to those who are being trolled online, stay strong and don't take that crap! You are worth so much more than that! If you're feeling alone and have a similar story, please e-mail me: