Online Dating Burnout: It's a Real Thing

By Andrea Syrtash for

When you first start dating online, you may be excited by all of the options. The possibilities feel endless! After a few months, though, you may be exhausted by all the missed connections, bad dates and well... all the options!

Meeting someone online is still one of the best ways to make a connection these days. Research shows that about 1 in 5 people credit an online dating site for their current relationship. So, how to do you continue to date online without burning out?

Find balance

I've interviewed a lot of people who think in terms of all or nothing when it comes to digital dating. Either they love it and that's the only way they'll meet new people -- or they're not into it, and they only want to meet dates in the "real world."

In order not to burn out, it's important to have a balanced perspective and lifestyle. Get out, be social and do activities that bring you joy off line. That's still a great way to meet new people. But there's no need to cancel your online dating membership in the meantime. Make a commitment to dedicate a few times per week for online dating meetings or conversations instead of checking your computer or phone every moment.

Get out!

Online dating is a misnomer. You're not supposed to stay online after you make a good connection. You'll be less likely to burn out if you limit your communications to a few exchanges before booking a simple date -- like drinks after work. No need to commit to a three-course dinner, which is too much time and pressure.

If heading out for an hour still feels like a lot of effort for a stranger, take the next step by suggesting a quick video chat with your online date. That way, you can see if it's worth taking the time to book a real date.

Take a break

If you're just generally feeling exhausted and uninspired, it may be good to take a break from online dating and reconnect with things and people that bring you pleasure. You want to put your best foot forward when you meet new people and if you know you won't do that now, take a step back.

Online dating fatigue is a real condition. Without balance, boundaries and a good perspective, you'll burn out fast.