Let The Men Of Online Dating Show You How To Really Woo A Woman

The suave gents of online dating know every woman loves a straight shooter.

Courtship in cyberspace demands more than compelling emojis and a self-proclaimed "passion for gourmet cooking." Internet dating is a delicate art of seduction that requires strategy, timing, and not being a "creep."

How does a Nice Guy expect to navigate these choppy waters and stand out among the sea of Internet weirdos, anyway? Don't worry -- we've got some tips.

First, if you want a quality lady, know you have to put in some effort.

You can't be scared to tell her that you think she's special.

And that you'd like to spend time getting to know her.

Wishy-washy gents finish last, so let her know exactly what you're looking for.

Even if your needs are a bit... unusual.

Never hesitate to assert yourself.


Because every woman likes a straight shooter.

After all, confidence is key.


But remember -- a good relationship is rooted in common interests.

So make sure to ask her about herself, too.

Even a simple question can give you amazing insight into her personality.

Or just start off with something more open-ended.

When in doubt, compliment her best assets.

And learn how to showcase your own.

Open up, and tell her what makes you special.


Let your sense of humor shine through!

Don't worry about trying to write the "perfect" message -- just be yourself.


Vulnerability can be a turn-on.


Describing precisely why she caught your eye can show off your romantic side, too.

If you're after a brainy girl, show her you value her intellect.


Or cater to her '90s nostalgia.


In a pinch, just appeal to her most basic animal instincts.


Don't keep your passion a secret, let her know you’d go to the ends of the Earth for her.


Like, literally the ends of the Earth.

Or forgo the drama, and just ask her out already!

Remember, rejection is inevitable in the online dating game. Learn to handle it with grace.


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