He's Just TOO into You

We've all met THAT guy -- he hangs on your every word, eagerly awaits your next text... and has memorized your latest status update. In today's app'd up, textaholic, casual courting society, he might come off as a Creeper 2.0.

Forget about your crush being "just not that into you." When iPhones, droids, Macbooks and tablets create instant access to your personal domain, sometimes your latest match might seem too into you. However, you may need to cut him a bit of slack to spot the real-time deal. Don't take your digital dating savvy for granted -- not everyone is as well-versed in match manners as you. So before you delete his avatar forever, hover over these common eFlirting fails and find out whether he ranks high or low on the creep scale.

Assessing His Creep Factor

Text-aholic. You meet online, set up a date and expect to rendezvous then. But he can't seem to get enough of you. Before you know it, he's blowing up your phone -- over and over again. Even though you've yet to go on a date. Cool it, Mr. Text Obsessed!
Creep Scale: 1. Though he may be over communicating, he might also be unsure of the best process and expectations for dating online. Be aloof: respond multiple hours after he texts and feign busy. Stay excited about meeting him, but make it clear through your (in)actions that texting pre-date isn't necessary.

Email Tsunami. You spy each other across the virtual room, but he sends back-to-back emails on the dating site, social network or mobile app where you met. Within just a few hours. You've barely had time to check your messages, but he's started a whole new string of conversation (with himself). What's a single gal to do?
Creep Scale: 2. He might be a little obsessed with your profile, but it's more likely that he simply doesn't understand email etiquette yet. Respond and see how the dynamic goes beyond a few messages. If he constantly pre-empts your response, it may be a red flag. But it's likely he'll keep his keyboard cool once you set the conversation tone.

Social Stalker. You post the moments of your life on Facebook and Foursquare, but that doesn't mean your social media savvy-ness should become talking points for your next date. When things you've shared, tweeted, or updated -- but not discussed with your match -- come up again and again as topics of conversation on your date, something just doesn't feel right.
Creep Scale: 3. He's probably social stalking you, but often this comes with good intentions. He wants to know what's going on in your life and is interested enough to look you up. But after three mentions, it's time to say goodnight and lose his number.

Intimacy Innuendo. Everything seems swell with your date-to-be... until he mentions massages or asks to see photos of your pedicure (hello foot fetish!). If you've yet to meet or have only been on a date or two, you might be feel your face flush from his fetish reveal.
Creep Scale: 4. Ooo la la, he's moving fast! Most women will want to run... and unless you feel like you've developed that level of sharing with one another you'd be right! It's time to virtually break it off with him and move onto the next.

Pre-date sexting. It seems like the two of you have barely said hello, but you're daydreaming about your first kiss. Meanwhile, he's asking what you're wearing. A sext? Before a date? Maybe this is wireless wooing at it's finest...
Creep Scale: 5! RUN! There's only one circumstance under which you should sext before you meet and that's if you're looking for a hook up. If a fling is your thing, play into his virtual indulgences. But if a relationship is on your agenda, cancel ASAP.

While we've all wondered whether or not a guy we're crushing on is into us, be wary of men who are too invested before you bat your eyelashes. Sometimes it's a relationship red flag. But if you're going to overlook a cutie for his digital faux pas, make sure it's a conscious, educated decision. Soon enough, you'll meet the one who sends a tingle through your iPad.