10 Online Food Shows You Should Be Watching (VIDEOS)

Have three minutes to spare? Check out one of these great shows.

No offense to Ina or Martha, but sometimes we just don't want to watch an entire 30-minute-long cooking show. Thankfully, the Internet is here for us when all we want is a great five-minute demonstration of how to make a killer lasagna.

No matter what kind of food lover you are -- an armchair cook or an actual one -- there's a show out there for you. Here are 10 online food shows for 10 different types of food lovers.

For people who love simple and beautiful food, and hope to one day reach food nirvana
"Kitchen Vignettes", a beautifully-shot series from PBS, makes us want to move to the country, pick herbs from our backyard and then eat stunningly beautiful food all the time.
For people who crave a Food Network-esque experience online
Beginner cook? "Laura in the Kitchen" offers approachable recipes and good instruction.
For people who love travel and sustainable food
HuffPost contributor Daniel Klein of "Perennial Plate" gets to travel around the world, meeting artisanal food producers and learning their stories. Rough life, right?
For people who love the open sea and bonding with bros
Tom Colicchio's "Hooked Up" is technically a fishing show, but his celeb guests keep things fresh and fun. It almost feels like eavesdropping on a private conversation.
For people who love hunting, foraging and being outdoors
"Original Fare," a newcomer from PBS, explores everything from dove hunting to crabbing.
For people who love Indian food
"Show Me The Curry" has an amazing collection of Indian recipes. Even if you are a beginner at cooking Indian cuisine, don't worry -- hosts Anuja and Hetal are great explainers.
For people who can't resist corny jokes
Chef John of "Food Wishes" calls tomato bisque the "slightly more promiscuous cousin" of tomato soup, so yeah, that pretty much sets the tone. He's the Bob Ross of YouTube food shows.
For cooks looking for smart, unique shortcuts and tips
"Fudehouse" offers useful recipes and tips on how to make great food, without the fuss. This is THE cooking show for the modern-day cook. Plus, we really like the voiceover.
For people who can't get enough of Eric Ripert's accent
Silver fox + seafood expert? Winner, winner, fresh fish dinner for Eric Ripert's "On The Table."
For people with a sense of humor who like really good food
"Bon Appetempt's" Amelia Morris recipes are solid, but we just really like the fact that she makes us laugh. Cooking shouldn't be so serious, and she proves that.
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