Online Games: See How Much Your Internet Procrastination Costs The World (CHART)

Playing a game at work every now and then is fine, you say. It's just once in awhile, you say. I just need to take a break from this Excel sheet, you say.

Justifiable? Maybe. Harmless? Think again.

A Dutch startup,, offers online games that are designed to make it look like you're working, so your snooping boss won't catch you taking a breather.

But the company isn't letting you off Scot-free. It monitors how long you spend playing games, and keeps a running tally of how much your time-wasting on its site (and your fellow slackers') has cost the world economy (see screen grab below).

Time is money; even relaxation has its price! Based on an average yearly salary of €31,500 [about $46,200], the calculator adds the game time of every visitor and totals the cost of collective gaming at to the world economy.

So far, estimates it has cost the world 237,540 Euros, or about $350,000. And counting.

Now get back to work.