Online Giving Important To Donors 60 And Up, New Study Says

Organizations that employ edgy, new-fangled donation campaigns may want to rethink their approach.

A new study by Campbell Rinker found that 51 percent of donors 60 years old and up said they have given online.

The study also found that donors who are 60 and over tend to continue to give online much more often than younger donors.

The researchers point out that the nonprofit world may have misconceptions in targeting donors, stating that "many organizations and fundraisers believe that the younger demographic is the group to target for online giving, and a larger percentage do give online. But this study shows that fundraisers need to shift their thinking as older donors are clearly an important demographic to online giving, especially since they give more gifts online once they begin to do so."

In general, the study found that people who donate online said the following issues are most important:

--Reassuring them about the security of the transaction (this was especially important to 57 percent of older donors)

--Making the online donation process simpler with fewer steps

--Clarifying what the donor is supporting throughout the process (which was most important to donors under the age of 40)

Acts of social good among this age group aren't limited to just online giving. A study earlier this year found that one in four Americans between the ages of 44-70 wants to tackle social issues.

The report states that “nearly six in 10 (58 percent) say the current economic crisis makes them more likely to start their own businesses or nonprofit ventures.”

Check out the infographics of giving stats below for donors 60 and up, courtesy of Dunham & Company.