Is Your Hearing Older Than You Are? Find Out With This Test

'Huh?' 'Come Again?'

If you find yourself asking these questions more and more or if you often can't hear your cell phone ring, you might want to get your hearing tested. But don't go scheduling an appointment with your otolaryngologist just yet. Take a deep breath, plug in your headphones and watch the video above at 1080p in privacy to find out how old your ears really are. Once the video starts playing, make sure to click the settings icon in the bottom right corner and select 1080p for quality, otherwise you may not be able to hear all of the frequencies in your headphones.

It's true, as we age, one of the first things to go is our hearing. Did you ever wonder why your parents talked so loud when you were a kid? It turns out that the tiny little hairs inside our inner ear get damaged or die as we get older, the AsapSCIENCE YouTube video explains.

The bad news is, those hairs don't grow back. So all that blaring music you listened to as a youngster is going to catch up with you sooner or later. The good news is, hearing loss usually progresses relatively slowly.

Hearing loss can be caused by other factors as well, including ear infections, abnormal bone growth, or a ruptured ear drum. But exposure to loud noises in your environment can be harmful too. Did you know the noise of your hair dryer is 85 decibels -- the volume at which sounds can cause permanent damage to your ears?

So go ahead and test your hearing to see if you have the ears of a 30, 40, or 50-year old. Hopefully all those nights spent rocking out to Aerosmith haven't caught up with you just yet. Happy listening.



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