Why A Woman Sent Online Lover She's Never Met More Than $1.4 Million (VIDEO)

Why A Woman Sent Online Lover She's Never Met More Than $1.4 Million

"Despite my two [failed] marriages, I still believe in love," says Sarah, who has been dating a man she met online for the past 17 months. "He told me early on that he was a widower, and that he had two daughters and he was on a business trip to South Africa," she says about her lover, who claims his name is Chris Olsen.

"Chris has a way with words. He'll say, 'How is my queen doing today?' or 'How is my flower today? I hope she's been watered.' He's very poetic. He's just spectacular," says Sarah, who speaks to Chris daily for hours at a time while he's abroad.

"I've actually never met Chris in person, but I'm definitely in love with Chris," Sarah explains, pointing out that he has made five or six attempts to come back to America to meet her, only to get arrested and remain in Africa.

Over the past 17 months, Sarah says she has sent Chris money thousands of times in various countries for reasons including a stolen credit card, hotel bills, lawyer fees, an expired visa, stolen money, yellow fever, and for bail after being falsely accused of money laundering. "I'm 95 percent certain that Chris is telling me the truth, that this is all legit ... He assured me that when he gets home he's going to pay me back every dime."

She turns to Dr. Phil hoping he can help unite her with Chris so the two can get married. But could Sarah be the victim of a scam? Watch Friday's episode of Dr. Phil — check local listings here.

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