Online Obama Ads Target Voter Registration In Vegas

Online Obama Ads Target Voter Registration In Vegas

President Barack Obama campaign is running online advertisements on a number of major news websites covering the Las Vegas area ahead of Nevada's Saturday voter registration deadline for residents who wish to vote by mail or online.

The advertisements can be viewed on the websites for the Las Vegas Sun, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Fox 5 News KVVU-TV. They carry one of two messages, "Deadline Tomorrow! Register to Vote Online," or "Register to Vote Online Before It's Too Late." The ads take viewers to a page on the Obama campaign web site where they can register to vote in their state.

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In recent days, the Obama campaign has put prominent advertisements on numerous online news sites. Early in the week, the campaign placed ads on the Columbus Dispatch and Cleveland Plain Dealer websites. On Wednesday, the Obama camp placed an ad on the front page of the Washington Post featuring the campaign's Twitter feed which provided instant reactions to the televised debate that night. The Huffington Post featured a wrap-around advertisement from the Obama campaign on Thursday, the day after the debate.

Overall, the Obama camp has spent $54.4 million on online advertising through both its official campaign committee and its victory fund.

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