Risk versus Reward of Using Online Searches to Screen Potential Employees

With everything happening online, you can find thousands of examples of people getting fired because of posts they put up on social media. But how many businesses use online searches of peoples' names before hiring? Is the information presented accurate? Should you hire or not hire someone based on his or her online behavior?

Mistaken Identity

Have you ever been accused of something online that you didn't do? Situations of false, misleading information or mistaken identity happen all the time. There can be hundreds of people with your same name. Mistaken identity happens all the time, even in the real world and not in the online world.

Why You Are Better Off Sticking to Verified Sources

Criminal background checks validate identity via an individual's social security number; this is one of the best ways to verify a person's true identity. This is something they can't get rid of and will follow them around for life. For example, if a person has ever been to prison, it will always show up on their background check.

Building Your Personal Brand

Though businesses shouldn't rely on online searches to screen potential employees, the best way to build your personal brand for future employees is to start now. Branding expert Mike Zammuto says, "The best way to show employers you're amazing is to start now."

Start by setting up a positive LinkedIn profile. Get recommendations from co-workers, and people you have worked with or associated with in the past. Keep your profile updated. Constantly be updating and networking.

Manage your online presence like you would your money. Prepare for the future and you will be in good hands!