Online Shopping: 6 Tips To Safeguard Your Devices

HuffPost/50 has more tech advice from The Geek Squad and AARP: this week, it's how to stay safe while online shopping.

More than seven out of 10 Internet users are online buyers, according to eMarketer. Boomers spend more online than the 35-to-46 set -- $680 over a three-month period compared to $581 -- Forrester Research reports.

Unfortunately cybercriminals are always on the lookout for ways to interfere with your online shopping experience; AARP reports that 85.7 percent of people 55 and older are concerned about online security and privacy. No matter what device you plan to use -- whether it’s your smartphone, tablet or computer -- you need to protect your personal information to ensure you’re shopping safely and securely online.

With so many tempting deals, especially around Memorial Day sales, Geek Squad offers the following advice to help you prepare for online shopping:

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Prepare for Safe Online Shopping